Shared Revenue

Gov. Tony Evers signed the bill into law on Tuesday, June 20. Phil Rocco breaks it all down.
ESSAY from Marquette professor Phil Rocco.
The stagnation in Wisconsin’s shared revenue program is so significant because the state has historically not given local governments access to the same…
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The latest from Phil Rocco's series breaking down the shared revenue overhaul working its way through the Capitol in Madison.
And how does it compare to Gov. Evers’ proposal?
After a dizzying day at the Capitol in Madison, we're breaking down where things stand with this incredibly important bill and assessing what's next.
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There are huge differences between the two plans for cities, villages and towns across Wisconsin.
The Republican bill sends a far smaller amount of money to local governments and has a far greater number of restrictions, mandates, prohibitions, and…
Spoiler: It's not great for Milwaukee.