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It's become a pressing matter because the team floated leaving to test the waters on whether or not the community wants to keep them, and there's no proof that it does until something passes. Money talks BS walks

The end of the 5-county tax was a stupid thing to have happen.

I think that, given the usual surplus of low priced tickets on the secondary market, a ticket tax undercuts the team's goal of being seen as inexpensive family-friendly entertainment (though they really should take a cue from Atlanta on concession prices...) IIRC they're somewhat in the middle right now relative to the rest of the league and I imagine they don't want to move too far in either direction in that list.

There's a demand to find a balance between "generating economic activity" (i.e. hoovering every last penny from game attendees) and being seen as nickel-and-diming them to death. It's not easy, I admit

Though Larson is about losing my vote in the next election if he keeps tilting at this windmill the way he is now. I'm one more Twitter whine away from unfollowing him.

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