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PODCAST: Should I-94 Be Expanded?

PODCAST: Should I-94 Be Expanded?

At the Urban Spaceship Conference at Nō Studios in Milwaukee, The Recombobulation Area's Dan Shafer moderated a panel discussion on this big topic. Listen to the full debate here.

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Left to right: Dan Shafer, Michael Bradley, Cheryl Nenn, Steve Baas. Photo courtesy Urban Spaceship.

“Should I-94 Be Expanded?”

That was the question posed at the afternoon panel discussion at the Urban Spaceship Conference at Nō Studios in Milwaukee, on Tuesday, Nov. 9.

The larger event, a day-long national urbanism conference curated by NAIOP Wisconsin and NEWaukee, featured a variety of speakers and panel discussions exploring “the intersection of people and place,” doing a “deep dive on top trends, and future ideas in urbanism.”

Being the big topic that it is, the I-94 panel discussion drew a crowd, and panelists Cheryl Nenn of Milwaukee Riverkeeper, Michael Bradley of Urban Spaceship and Steve Baas, formerly of the MMAC, now of the Wisconsin Transportation Builders Association, debated the issues, with yours truly moderating the discussion. 

What resulted was a lively — and occasionally contentious! — discussion on the billion-dollar mega-project. The full panel discussion is available here for you to listen to, only at The Recombobulation Area. 

Each of the panelists had been interviewed at length on this topic previously for The Recombobulation Area’s “Expanding the Divide” series. You can read the full series here

The panel was introduced by Jeremy Fojut, chief idea officer and co-founder of NEWaukee.


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