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PODCAST: State Sen. Melissa Agard on marijuana legalization in Wisconsin

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PODCAST: State Sen. Melissa Agard on marijuana legalization in Wisconsin

Agard has been working to legalize marijuana for many years in Wisconsin. She says Republican leadership is the biggest obstacle to full recreational legalization in the state.

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State Sen. Melissa Agard of Madison traveled around the state for the “Grass Routes” tour, advocating for marijuana legalization in the state. Photo courtesy Agard’s Facebook page.

The issue of marijuana legalization has come into focus in Wisconsin as of late, as many of our neighboring states have been implementing new recreational legalization policies. Democrats in Wisconsin have repeatedly proposed legalization efforts, only for them to stall in the Republican-controlled Wisconsin State Legislature. 

One of those Democrats who has championed this issue for years is State Senator Melissa Agard of Madison. I interviewed here about the issue for a podcast here at The Recombobulation Area.

“The most dangerous thing about weed in Wisconsin is that it's illegal,” said Agard. “And by having a thoughtful, comprehensive policy that doesn't pick winners and losers in our state, we will be more safe, more prosperous, and people's personal liberties will be honored in a more true way.”


I am also working on a story on marijuana legalization that will soon publish in partnership with my friends at Milwaukee Record. Be sure to subscribe to read that story as soon as it’s published.

But right now, there’s some news happening on this issue. Republicans in the legislature are reportedly planning to propose a new medical marijuana bill that Assembly Speaker Robin Vos called the “most restrictive version in the entire country.”

Some of what Sen. Agard discussed in this podcast is now a bit more timely, so we’ve decided to post it early today.

“Our biggest challenge to having full legalization in the state of Wisconsin is Speaker (Robin) Vos, and Majority Leader (Devin) LeMahieu,” said Agard.

We hope you enjoy this conversation. Thank you for listening. 

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