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PODCAST: Interview with State Senator Lena Taylor

PODCAST: Interview with State Senator Lena Taylor

Part of our coverage of the race for mayor in Milwaukee. The primary is Feb. 15. If you live in the city, you'd better be voting.

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State Senator Lena Taylor is one of seven candidates running for mayor of Milwaukee. Photo courtesy of the Taylor campaign.

The City of Milwaukee is going to have an election for mayor. On February 15, we'll have a primary that could prove to be the most competitive mayoral primary in a generation. 

Here at The Recombobulation Area, we’re going to be covering that election and getting into the issues. As part of that coverage, we are interviewing the candidates. Paid subscribers will be able to listen to full audio of those interviews and read a full transcript of what each candidate had to say. 

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This is part of our interview series with the candidates for mayor of Milwaukee. Each candidate was asked the same series of questions on topics including local control, the covid-19 pandemic, segregation and racial disparities, economic development, population growth, immigration, transportation and infrastructure, reckless driving and vehicles thefts, public safety, and education. At the end of each interview, we had a “lightning round” with some more lighthearted, Milwaukee-specific questions.

Free subscribers will be able to read many of these answers in stories in the coming days. Paid subscribers will have access to the full interview as a podcast and as a transcript.

If you missed it, be sure to listen to our interviews with Acting Mayor Cavalier Johnson, Alderwoman Marina Dimitrijevic, entrepreneur Michael Sampson, and community activist Ieshuh Griffin.

Stay tuned for more of our coverage on the race for mayor in Milwaukee.

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