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PODCAST: "Bird on a Wire" Episode Three, with Christopher Porterfield

PODCAST: "Bird on a Wire" Episode Three, with Christopher Porterfield

Porterfield is the lead singer and songwriter of the acclaimed folk band Field Report. He helped create the "Bird Songs" concert series and he is now running for his local school board.

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LuAnn Bird and Christopher Porterfield on stage at The Cooperage in Milwaukee as part of the “Bird Songs” concert series. Photo by Ty Helbach.

For Episode Three of the “Bird on a Wire” podcast series, Lu Ann Bird is joined by Christopher Porterfield. Porterfield is the lead singer and songwriter from the acclaimed band Field Report (yes, he also provided the theme music for this podcast series).

He got involved in LuAnn’s State Assembly campaign last year in a variety of ways, perhaps most notably by helping create the “Bird Songs” concert series. Porterfield has continued his journey into political action and is now a candidate running for Whitnall School Board. 

Chris and LuAnn had a lot of wonderful stories to share on the podcast. We hope you enjoy.

If you missed the first two episodes in the series, you can listen to them here (Episode One with Dan Shafer, Episode Two with Evan Goyke).

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Music and logo design for the podcast is by Christopher Porterfield.

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