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PODCAST: "Bird on a Wire" Episode One with Dan Shafer

PODCAST: "Bird on a Wire" Episode One with Dan Shafer

Bird on a Wire is a brand new podcast series featuring conversations on hope, civility and action with LuAnn Bird.

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"Bird on a Wire" is a podcast series featuring conversations about hope, civility and action. LuAnn Bird has had a career in civic action and making change, from serving on school boards to working with the League of Women Voters to running for Wisconsin State Assembly, and this podcast series aims to continue many of the conversations that began during her remarkable and unconventional 2022 campaign.

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The first episode of this series is with LuAnn Bird and Dan Shafer. They discuss Bird’s path to a career in public service, the tragic accident that altered the course of her family’s life, and take a look ahead at what’s to come in this 10-episode podcast series.

Listen to the podcast in the media player above, or watch it as a video podcast on YouTube here.

This podcast series is presented by The Recombobulation Area and produced by Dan Shafer. The lead sponsor for this podcast is Civic Media, the fastest-growing hometown radio network in Wisconsin. Visit to find your local station and tune in to your community. Civic Media, hometown radio refreshed. Supporting sponsors include Marianne Lubar and Marlene Ott.

Music and logo design for the podcast is by Christopher Porterfield. Video was edited by Steve Grisetti.

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